Let Us Help You Think Outside the Box

Visualizing the possibilities in a home in which you’ve lived for many years can be difficult. It can be equally daunting to see an older home on the market requiring modernization becoming the home of your dreams. But with help from the McCaleb Construction Design Team you can transform ineffective, undesirable or unappealing areas of your home into practical and loveable living spaces, while ensuring a sizeable return on your investment. Last month we spoke of ways to improve energy efficiency in your home, such as window and door replacement and the improvement of mechanical systems. There are even tax credits for many of these improvements (see the December 2009 issue of “On The Level”).

This month, let’s focus on “thinking outside the box” for your home remodel.

The Lindseys came to McCaleb Construction for a kitchen remodel. Their idea was to break through the north facing wall to add 12 feet to their existing kitchen. “We entertain a lot and everyone always seems to congregate in our tiny kitchen space.” Adding on to existing kitchen space would not only necessitate changing interior spaces, but would result in costly alteration to outdoor living areas. Their # 1 desire was to have more open space in which guests could mingle. Our design team listened to their needs, evaluated existing space and discussed preliminary budget expectations. A simple, but clever and cost effective solution emerged…by opting to open up the kitchen to their formal living/dining room area and adding an island we were able to give them the space they desired, allowing them to significantly upgrade their cabinetry choices and spending less than they had originally anticipated. The Lindseys are delighted.

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