Letter from John

Dear friends,
Nearly two weeks have passed since six Tucsonans lost their lives and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, as well as innocent bystanders, were wounded. The entire nation saw us in our time of despair. The President came to town to offer comfort that only the Office of the President can provide.

Tucson’s small town nature means that everyone is touched in some way. One of the wounded is a relative of one of our staff members. We have met twice as a team to talk about what happened, to share our reactions and our pain. We were all shocked, we are all sad …and we will keep our candles lit until each of the survivors goes home. But then what?

Will we have learned anything from this dreadful experience? Perhaps it is too early, our pain to raw, the images of ambulances and helicopters still too fresh in our minds that we might imagine anything positive being born of such treachery.

But Tucson is a wonderful place to live, and its citizens – our children, our parents, our friends and associates – are all decent, hard-working people who deserve not to be tainted by the act of one madman. Let us support one another as we move forward, committed to show the world who we really are…and perhaps buoyed by one-another we can do things better than we have in the past. This would be a fitting legacy to pass down in the names of those whose sacrifice was so great.

May we all move forward a united Tucson, a united Arizona and a United States of America.

Best regards,

John McCaleb

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