Why Choose McCaleb Construction For Your Remodel?

The selection of a remodeling contractor has changed significantly in the past few years.

Beginning in about 2008 we began to see a major shift in our industry. In order for some in the construction industry to sustain themselves in the down economy we saw a variety of related professions re-tool themselves to fit market demand. Homebuilders, cabinet makers, tile and granite suppliers and lots of laid-off construction workers promoted themselves as remodelers. The result has been a plethora of so-called “competition” at all skill levels. Working with little overhead or remodeling-specific experience, and often without a license or insurance allows their bids to come in well below those of industry veterans. But beware. What appears attractive on the front end can result in your greatest nightmare. Just ask any number of folks who call us mid-project and ask if we can bail them out of their mess.

So the question often arises… “Why should we choose an experienced, industry-specific licensed remodeler?” Well, the answer isn’t quite as simple, or as succinct as one may think. The short answer is that a licensed contractor gives you an independent agency to complain to if things go south. But a closer look at this issue will have you ponder things you’ve never even thought of. Over the next few months, our BLOG will address some important factors when considering a remodel. By the end of our “McCaleb Construction, Inc. Presents 24 Tips on How To Pick A Remodeling Contractor” we’re sure you’ll be thinking about this ever-important decision with new considerations.

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