Don’t Be Enticed By Too Low a Price CAVEAT # 2

Remember: “Remodeling horror stories often begin with a great price,” an astute industry expert once said. Although consumers regularly use price as one of several deciding factors in making major purchasing decisions, savvy homeowners know that too-low of a price can signal big problems and major unexpected costs ahead.

CAVEAT # 2:          Floor Planning Can Lead to Unrealistic Pricing

A too low price can mean a remodeler hasn’t based the estimate on a detailed, comprehensive work plan.  Sometime this is because the remodeler is really more of a carpenter, and is not experience in planning and estimating costs. Like a cake that falls when you don’t follow the recipe, a remodeling project goes wrong when you don’t do the right things at the right time. Cost, quality and schedule control requires solid upfront planning and conscientious project management.  If a job is plagued by poor estimating, planning or execution, critical time can be lost at many stages of the project, resulting in cost overruns that are often passed on to you, and cause you inconvenience and headaches.

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