Don’t Be Enticed By Too Low a Price

“Remodeling horror stories often begin with a great price,” an astute industry expert once said. Although consumers regularly use price as one of several deciding factors in making major purchasing decisions, savvy homeowners know that too-low of a price can signal big problems and major unexpected costs ahead.

In it’s first blog series of the new year, McCaleb Construction will present six things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Consideration #1 appears below.

CAVEAT # 1: Low Quality Products Cost Less

Some homeowners mistakenly assume that all building products are created equal. And while one nail may indeed be indistinguishable from another, this is not the case with many other building materials such as wallboard, structural materials, insulation, windows, doors, flooring, roofing or counters and cabinets. As you would expect with anything you buy, better quality, longer-lasting products cost more money. So a low estimate may be a sign of lower quality, less durable materials being used. When you get a remodeling estimate, make sure you understand EXACTLY the quality and specifications of the building materials to be used in every aspect of the job.

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