Don’t Be Enticed By Too Low a Price CAVEAT # 6

CAVEAT # 6:          Low Estimates and Missing Security

If you receive an estimate that is lower than expected, investigate whether the remodeling company saves on expenses by not carrying proper insurance, licenses, workers compensation or does not get required building permits or inspections when needed.  Reputable companies always take these requirements seriously, and consider insurance, licensing and permits as a fixed part of the cost of doing business.  If a contractor takes illegal and unwise shortcuts here, can you trust them to avoid shortcuts that will cost you money or result in a lower quality, less durable project?

So, if an initial low estimate grabs your attention, stop and ask yourself why it’s so low. Remember your ultimate goal will be a smoothly run project that results in a beautifully remodeled home for you – completed on time and on budget.  Chances are, after a little more research, you will decide against making that very expensive mistake.

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