Bones, Bodies, and Burial Grounds: The Creepiest Things Discovered In Homes

Everyone who remodels their home hopes to find something cool while they’re doing it. What’s cool to one person may be strange to another and vice versa. If you’re a person who is intrigued by burial grounds, old tombstones, and other things which are probably haunted, this article is for you. From severed heads to 200 year-old tombstones, homeowners have found them all- and have scared themselves silly in the process.

Ever Wonder Where The Head of King Henri IV is?

Severed HeadThe practice of grave robbing is a very old one, especially if the grave belonged to a blueblood. During the French Revolution, the grave of Henri IV was stolen from his Paris gravesite and disappeared into mystery- until a film producer discovered that an 84 year-old man named Jacques Bellanger was in possession of it and kept it in his attic. Bellanger, who understandably wanted to be rid of it after everyone found out he’d been keeping a head in his attic on purpose, donated it to Henri IV’s descendant, Prince Louis de Bourbon. Now, the Prince is looking for a suitable place to bury it, ending a mystery that lasted over two centuries.

Ever Find a 200 Year-Old Gravestone Under the Floorboards?


Image Credit: Carin Nilsson

While renovating their living room, a Swedish family was surprised to discover a massive gravestone bearing the names of two men and one woman who all died between 1840 and 1884 and likely lived on the property at some point. And when I say that the stone is massive, I mean massive: the family estimated that it weighed 300 kilograms, which translates to around 660 pounds! They have not yet figured out a way to move it.



Finding A Burial Ground Under the House: A Surefire Way to Ruin Your Day

Burial GroundFinding an “Indian burial ground” under the home has become a bit of a cliched joke, but these things actually happen! While a Wisconsin woman was doing foundation work on her home, she dug her shovel into the ground to reveal…a child’s skull. Local historians determined that her home was resting on top of a 170 year-old cemetery that had been so thoroughly forgotten that they…well, built a house on top of it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the government named the area under her home a historical burial ground, meaning that if she wanted to continue the work on her foundation, she would have to hire an archeologist to oversee any and all work she did. Over a year later, she finally got the go-ahead to continue work on her home.

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