Finding Secret Rooms: It Sounds Like Something Out of a Movie, But It Really Happens!

Everyone has seen a movie where the main character pulls a book out of bookshelf or plays a couple random piano keys only to reveal a secret chamber. However, this phenomenon sometimes happens in real life as well! These are some of the most amazing examples of unsuspecting people discovering places they didn’t even know existed.

A Secret Kitchen, Preserved in Time

Entire Room

Image Credit: Cefn Park

This is a very unique story that was sure to have excited the family that discovered it. When a pair of homeowners inherited an estate that had been in the family for decades, they stumbled upon a door that was covered by piles of junk. When they cleared away the junk and opened the door, they found an entire servants’ kitchen! The kitchen was still stocked with 19th century cooking gear and recipe books, and evidently hadn’t been used for at least a century!




Secret Apartment Yields Expensive Boldini Painting

Parisian flat containing €2.1 million painting lay untouched for 70 years - Telegraph (1)

Image Credit: Telegraph

Paintings can easily go missing, but how many times do you think a whole apartment does? That’s exactly what happened in Paris back in 2010. A wealthy French woman left her Paris apartment before the Second World War, never to return. When she died at the age of 91, the people in charge of recording her possessions discovered that she had an apartment as well, and when they investigated it, found that it hadn’t been occupied in nearly 70 years. Among the treasures discovered in the flat was an exquisite Boldini painting which fetched 2 million Euros at auction!



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