Want to Find Hidden Treasure? Renovate Your Kitchen!

You don’t have to go off on an exotic adventure to find buried treasure- all you might need to do to is renovate your kitchen! It’s incredible how many times homeowners have found incredible and valuable objects in the walls of their kitchen or under the floorboards of their house: gold coins and jewelry, priceless artifacts and paintings: people have found it all. These are some of the most amazing stories of everyday people discovering once-in-a-lifetime treasures in their own homes!

Incredible Treasure Hoard Found in Poland

Image Credit: The National Museum in Wroclaw

Image Credit: The National Museum in Wroclaw

When you demolish an old building, you don’t expect to find anything of value. You certainly don’t expect to find 100 million dollars worth of medieval gold coins and jewelry either! That’s exactly what happened in 1985 when the Polish city of Sroda decided to engage in an extensive renovation project. Over the course of three years, the crew found a vase containing 3,000 gold coins, as well as gold and silver florins and even a jewelled golden crown. The treasure once belonged to King Charles IV who pawned it (seriously) to fund his claim as King of the Romans. Unfortunately for the guy he pawned the gold to, the black plague soon visited the town, either killing him or sending him running, sans treasure.

Although much of the treasure was looted before the authorities had a chance to secure it, the Polish government was able to buy back a portion of the looted treasure. Today, you can view the hoard at the Regional Museum in Środa Śląska. If you’re ever in Poland, stop by!

An Uninteresting Jug Yields Gold Coins


Image Credit: The Journal

This story is funny because of how the discoverer of this treasure almost completely missed it’s importance! While digging in the ground during a renovation in England, Richard Mason found a tiny, grubby, mud-caked jug. Although he found it uninteresting, he took the pot home and placed it in his father’s basement. When Mason finally got the urge to clean it up eight years later, he discovered the golden loot inside: gold and silver coins from the 1500’s! The find was remarkable for a number of reasons, but perhaps most remarkable is that one of the coins found in the pot is one-of-a-kind: it is the only coin of it’s type in the world!

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