What’s Behind That Wall? How About a Priceless Painting?

Although homeowners who are planning on renovating their kitchens or bathrooms have probably heard stories of finding buried treasure, they probably should be on the lookout for paintings as well! There are numerous stories of people hiding priceless artwork and then forgetting it- only to have it be discovered decades or even centuries later by a person knocking down a wall!

Secret Keith Haring Mural Found in NYC

Keith Haring Mural

Image Credit: Torsten Krines, Sotheby’s International Realty

Keith Haring was one of the most distinctive popular artists of the 20th century, and he left an enduring legacy behind after passing away in 1990. Unbeknownst to many, he left something else behind as well: a hidden mural in a New York City home! The mural was discovered behind a wall in an entry hall, and although it wasn’t a complete surprise (the home was once part of the Visual School of Art, a school that Haring attended), it was still a welcome sight! The black-and-white mural has since been restored and adds quite a bit of character (and more than a bit of value) to the home.


How to Make 15 Million Dollars In Only a Few Seconds


Image Credit: Sotheby’s

While two brothers were renovating their deceased father’s home in Vermont, they knocked down a false wall to discover a 15 million dollar Norman Rockwell painting. What they determined had happened was that the father made a forgery of it during his divorce to prevent his soon to be ex-wife from getting the real painting. But for some reason, nobody ever noticed and he never told the kids, even on his deathbed! The painting ended up fetching 15 million dollars at auction, and leaves you wondering how many other secret treasures are hiding in ordinary homes due to situations like this!

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