The Next Time You’re in the Backyard, Look Carefully: You Might Find a Dinosaur Bone!

178492432Dinosaurs ruled the earth millions of years ago, but fossilized memories of them still turn up here and there- even in backyards! There are dozens of examples of children and adults alike finding dinosaur bones in their backyards, and the law states that if you find a dinosaur bone, it’s your property. Let this article be a reminder to you to keep your eyes open when mowing the lawn!

250 Million Year-Old Pilosaur Bone Sits In Man’s Shed For 16 Years After Discovery

This story is a cautionary tale: if it looks like a dinosaur bone, it is probably a good idea for you to take it to a museum to be sure. A retired English banker was building a fence in his backyard one day when he discovered a very large, very unusual bone in the ground. Although he wasn’t sure what it was, he knew it could be important so he tossed it in his shed. Apparently, time got away from him so it sat in that same shed for 16 years before he finally got around to taking it to the local museum: where experts told him that it was a 250 million-year old Pilosaur bone.

A Man and His Contractor Discover a Bunch of Mastodon Bones in Michigan

There could be anything in the dirt near your home, even a dinosaur skeleton. When a Western Michigan man decided to have a pond dug in his backyard, he was shocked and amazed when bone after bone came out of the ground: 42 in all. These bones turned out to be the remnants of a Mastodon that was eaten by humans nearly 10,000 years ago. Incredibly, over 330 Mastodon bone sites have been found in Michigan alone!

Young Girl Wins Show-and-Tell Forever

Little kids love to run around in the backyard. When a twelve year-old girl from Texas named Maggie took a walk with her dad to the creek in their backyard, the sharp-eyed girl found an interesting rock that turned out to be a 100 million year-old fossil! The fossil is of a prehistoric fish called Xiphactinus, and is one of the most complete examples of the ancient animal ever found. It is now taking residency at the University of North Texas.

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