“What’s That Indention In Our Floor, Honey?” How About a Well From the 1500’s?

Image Credit: SWNS

Image Credit: SWNS

Every house a little quirk here or there, but Colin Steer’s home in Plymouth, England has something that’s flat out unusual: a 16th century well under his living room sofa! A slight indention in the floor motivated the family to dig up the floorboards, and once they did, they found the well: but Mr. Steer’s wife refused to let him dig it out until he retired. Once he did, the story deepened in ways that the man and his wife could hardly have imagined!



An Opening to a Well Leads to A Blast From the Past

Once Mr. Steer finally gained his wife’s permission to dig the well out, he was amazed by how deep it ended up being: over 33 feet deep! In fact, it got so deep that he ended up stringing lighting and rope down it to help him work: and he’s found a couple of interesting treasures, including what appears to be a peasant’s sword made from pieces of cobbled-together metal. He has since installed a trapdoor to prevent people from falling down the 30-inch wide medieval well that happens to be located in his living room, and he is still attempting to research how old the well actually is. We do know this: the land his house was built on was woodland until 1895, with a watercourse built by Sir Francis Drake running through it. The watercourse, which was built to transport water from Dartmoor to Plymouth, dates to the 16th century, which is where the prediction of the well’s age came from.

Image Credit: SWNS

Image Credit: SWNS

His wife has likely regretted allowing him to dig it out, she says that she “hates the well” and hopes that it doesn’t affect their ability to sell the house in the future. Her picture above is enough to confirm that. Doesn’t she look thrilled?

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