Clogged Drain? It Could be Hair, or it Could Be 70 Years Worth of Lost Basketballs!

Image Credit: WBIR

Image Credit: WBIR

A clogged drain is never a welcome sight, especially when it causes over a thousand dollars in flood damage to your hotel. When the Tennessee hotel’s owner called on town officials to fix the persistent drain issues that were effecting his business, everyone involved was shocked to find out that the cause of the clogged drain wasn’t rock, dirt, or a bunch of hair, it was 27 basketballs, ten footballs, and several football helmets, some of which dated to the 1940’s!


So That’s Where That Ball You Lost as a Kid Ended Up!

The clogged drain would overflow every time it rained, wiping out the Parrotsville Hotel’s mulch and landscaping to the tune of $1,200 in total. Everyone assumed that the drain had been clogged by dirt or rocks, so it was obviously a huge surprise to see the sports equipment there instead. The fact that there was no grate on the drain definitely had a hand in the bizarre circumstance. There’s no way to know for sure where all of the sports equipment came from, but the hotel’s owner has a guess. He’s guessing that some of the equipment came from kids losing their playthings, so it was no surprise that the town gave the balls back to the kids: in the form of a donation to the community. In addition, a new basketball court just opened in the town, making the timing totally perfect! Everything worked out in the end: the hotel owner got his mulch back, the kids got their basketballs, and everyone lived happily ever after. Moral of the story? Keep track of your basketballs, kids!

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