Couple Moves Into Idaho House Built on an Underground Snake Lair: Terror Ensues

ThinkstockPhotos-516732701One of the unfortunate parts of buying a home is that it’s difficult to ascertain all of a home’s potential problems from a simple inspection. Making matters worse is the fact that dishonest realtors often “neglect” to tell you about issues with the home, like hidden indoor mold or rumors of the house being haunted. Back in 2011, an Idaho couple took the plunge and bought their dream home, only to find out that there was a secret “bonus”: hundreds upon hundreds of snakes!

Pay Attention to the Fine Print, People

When Amber and Ben Sessions bought what locals call “The Snake House,” they signed a paper noting the “alleged” snake infestation. But the house was such a good deal that they were willing to take the chance, after all, they were assured by the Real Estate agent that sold them the house that the snakes were just a local rumor. They couldn’t have been more wrong. While laying in bed at night, they heard snakes slithering in the walls, and they noted a strange “oniony” smell in the water. Then, it all came to head the day that Ben removed a panel of siding and dozens of garter snakes came slithering out! Their nightmares were confirmed. Oh, and that oniony smell? Well, that turned out to be the musk the snakes release when they’re scared, according to a local reptile expert. He also left them with another interesting tidbit: snakes tend to defecate when they release the musk, meaning that the Sessions and their unborn child were drinking and bathing in water tainted by snake feces. Yes, you read that correctly.

Straight Out of a Horror Movie

Then something happened that elevated the situation into the realm of the surreal: while watching TV, Amber saw a program that talked about a family that had fled their house in horror due to a very similar situation. Then the program discussed in detail where the house was: Rexburg, Idaho. In horror, she realized that it turned out to be their house, meaning that she was watching a TV program about a couple who had fled her house in terror due to the snake infestation! The couple quickly moved out but had little recourse due to them signing the disclosure agreement; they eventually had to file bankruptcy. The house is now owned by Chase bank, and its value has dropped like a set of car keys.

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