Huge Monopoly Board Found in California

photo credit: nydailynews.com

photo credit: nydailynews.com

Built in 1992 for the San Francisco Landscape and Design Show, the world’s largest permanent outdoor monopoly board finds its home in San Jose, California. This 30-square-foot game replica is made of granite and contains a giant pair of dice. It is the central focal point of the three quarter acre “Monopoly in the Park” garden of San Jose.

Playing with the board

Visitors can rent the San Jose Monopoly in the Park board and step into the roles of the shoe, the thimble or other game pieces as they roll the giant dice and work their way around the board. The attraction even features the San Jose Police Officer’s Association’s “Go Directly to Jail” space. As a game of luck, wit, and business acumen, monopoly has captured generations of players for decades. Visitors of San Jose have the life-size opportunity to buy up all the property and bankrupt other guests and visitors.

Experiencing the life-size game

In the giant version of the Parker Brothers’ beloved game, players trade property on a 930-square foot permanent board. This gives every visitor the chance to make it big in trading Silicon Valley real estate. As participants play with the jumbo game dice, they must don jailhouse garb when sent to the life-size jailhouse square. The game itself is located on prime property near Adobe Systems Incorporated and San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

Creating the game

The giant game is the product of a San Jose think tank project in 1986. To build the life-size game, the mayor and council empowered citizens to actively take part in beautifying San Jose. After obtaining licensing through Hasbro’s Parker Brothers, the game was built in Guadlupe River Park, just a few short blocks from the downtown San Jose convention center.

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