Amazing Renovation Finds: A Mayan Mural in Guatemala

photo from www.belize.com

photo from www.belize.com

While building a new home from the ground up can be a thrilling experience, there is no telling what kind of excitement renovating an older home may have in store. Throughout the world, there are tales of homeowners finding amazing discoveries in older properties, many of which have been hidden away for decades, or even centuries. For one Guatemalan family, an extraordinary discovery was made in 2007 during some standard home renovations. Read on to learn about what homeowner, Lucas Asicona Ramirez found tucked away on his walls while scraping away years of old plaster and paint.

A small historic community

The Guatemalan village of Chajul is a 500-year old community, where remnants of ancient Mayan culture lived on for centuries after the fall of the advanced cities of this culture. Ramirez’s home is likely about 300 years old, as indicated by architectural features of the late 17th and early 18th centuries.

Uniquely preserved artwork

As Ramirez chipped away at plaster on the walls of the main living area, a centuries-old mural was uncovered. The presence of the mural indicates that the home was owned at one point by someone of nobility, as such extensive artwork is a sign of historical significance. The mural depicts a Mayan procession with elements of Spanish influence, representing the European conquest of the nation.

A fading masterpiece

It is a surprise that the mural has been preserved for so long, and exposure to the open air threatens the future of this artwork, meaning that time is of the essence for the archeologists and historians wishing to solve the mysteries left behind by this amazing discovery.

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