70 Years of Lost Basketballs Found in Parrottsville, TN


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As a kid, lost sports equipment is a fact of life, since balls might fly over the fence or Frisbees might take flight into trees too tall to climb. In Parrottsville, Tennessee, local kids were pleasantly surprised to have a wealth of basketballs and a few footballs donated to the community after a veritable treasure chest of sporting equipment was discovered in a local storm drain in 2012. This article will take a look at this strange find, which showcases how you never know what you might uncover when you start renovating your property.

A frustrated inn operator

A recent flood was the event that triggered the discovery of years’ worth of lost basketballs down the storm drain. At the Parrottsville Inn, about $1,200 in damage took place during a rainstorm that led to significant flooding on the hotel property. The owner and operator of the inn decided to call the town to look into the problem, and an investigation of the storm drain revealed what was behind the blockage.

An unlikely culprit

Over the course of 3 days about 27 basketballs were pulled from the drain along with a handful of helmets, baseballs, and footballs. Some of the balls had been fairly weathered, and it is likely that a few date back to the 1940s. The backup was initially suspected to be from dirt and debris, but the discovery of the true culprit turned out to be a great benefit to the community, since a new basketball court had just been opened in town. All of the basketballs were cleaned and donated for local kids to play with at the community court.

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