Bomb Shelter Uncovered in Tucson

Photo courtesy of tucson.com

Photo courtesy of tucson.com

Purchasing a new home can sometimes offer more than you bargained for, especially when the home was built during the paranoid Cold War era when residential bomb shelters were not uncommon. In the case of local homeowner, John Sims, a hint that a bomb shelter had been constructed on the property 54 years ago was enough to begin a search that led him to uncover a small relic of the past right in his backyard.

A fruitless search effort

At the time Sims purchased his home, he had seen building records indicating that Whitaker Pools had constructed a bomb shelter in the backyard in 1961. However, as Sims started digging in his yard, he found nothing to indicate that the shelter hadn’t been paved over or collapsed through the years. Eventually, Sims hired a consultant to tell him where to dig with the use of metal detectors to uncover the shelter after braving sweltering summer temperatures to dig.

An amazing discovery

Finally, Sims struck a metal cap hoping that what he had found was in fact the shelter and not a septic tank. As a captain at Rural/Metro Fire Department, Sims knew to use caution in exploring the shelter, so he waited for a day after finding the entrance to go inside. While he was hoping for a shelter filled with iconic memorabilia from years gone by, he was welcomed by piles of rubble inside. He has intentions of repairing and restoring the structure and filling it with civil defense props once it is fully renovated.

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