Tips for Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can add great value to your home and allow you to maximize the efficiency and functionality of one of the most high-traffic areas of your household. Because the kitchen is such a critical component of the home, you will want to plan your remodel carefully to make the most of your investment. Below you can get a look at some helpful tips for planning a kitchen remodel that will work for your lifestyle.

Organize Your Kitchen by Task

As you begin planning your kitchen layout, think about how you will be using each part of the room. Ideally, you will have task-based sections where you have everything you might need for a given task, such as food prep, stovetop cooking, or dishes.

Don’t Corner Your Appliances

Corners can be tricky for kitchen design, but you can make the most of these areas with a few key steps. First, keep appliances away from corners so that you do not cut off valuable cabinet and counter space. You will also want to opt for a lazy Suzan style cabinet shelving and be sure that doors will not hit each other when open at the same time.

Have Designated Spaces for Everything

Counter space can be valuable real estate in a home kitchen, so you will want to make sure that everything can be put away. Hanging utensil racks, designated knife drawers, and mounted trash and recycle bins beneath the countertops are all helpful solutions to give every item a place within your kitchen.

Beware of Passing Trends

You will want to get many years of life out of your new kitchen, so you should avoid following fads when it comes to your kitchen design. While some trends will have a lasting impact, you should be selective about which design trends you incorporate.

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