10 Million Dollars in Gold Coins

Photo courtesy of www.sfgate.com

Photo courtesy of www.sfgate.com

The backyard can be a great place to explore, and sometimes you might stumble across more than you bargained for. One Sierra Nevada couple and their dog were rewarded for their curiosity in a way that they may have never imagined. Keep reading if you’d like to learn about the story of a ten million dollar discovery right in the backyard.

A Startling Discovery

Some people spend some of each paycheck on the lottery, while others will pursue any route that might lead towards riches. When a Sierra Nevada, California couple went out to walk their dog in the backyard, they may not have had dreams of prosperity in mind. Much to their surprise, however, they came across a half-buried canister while walking their furry companion. They dug up the canister and found that it was filled with gold coins, but not just any gold coins; these were twenty-dollar gold coins from more than one hundred years ago. After taking a look at their find, they returned to the site to discover seven more cans where they found the first one.

Restoration and Evaluation

The Sierra Nevada couple found a total of 1,427 coins, which collectively totaled just under 28,000 dollars in value. While these coins may have been worth such a price in the 1890s when they were minted and put into circulation, their value had substantially increased since then. After having their discovered coins restored and evaluated, the couple found that their artifacts were worth about 10 million dollars.


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