Which Cabinetry Trends Should You Embrace in 2016?

Wooden kitchen unit

Your cabinets play an important role in the overall look of your home, especially when it comes to kitchen and bathrooms. If your design is no longer as pleasing as it could be, it may be time to look into the current trends and change up your style. Here is a look at the cabinetry trends you should embrace in 2016.

Neutral Color Schemes

A neutral color scheme is versatile and convenient, and it makes it simple to keep your home design cohesive. White kitchen cabinets have always been popular for the clean, neat look they present when they are properly maintained. However, grays and other neutrals are becoming more popular for cabinetry design in 2016. Sticking with neutrals for important design elements like cabinetry can allow you to use splashes of bolder colors successfully throughout the entire house while still maintaining one central theme. Neutral cabinets can be a great fit in any type of design scheme from traditional to modern.

High-Tech Design

Technology has become a massive component of our society, and it’s here to stay. If you are interested in incorporating integrated technology in your home, consider the addition of tech into your kitchen design. 2016 has seen cabinet options that hold onto your tablets or even charge your mobile phones. This can be particularly effective when introduced in a more modern kitchen design.

Function And Fashion

The aesthetic appeal of your home is still as essential as ever, but the importance of functionality has been making its way to the forefront. Lazy Susan shelving and pullout shelves help to make your kitchen more convenient and intuitive. This shift toward more functional design can impact the atmosphere of your kitchen in a big way.
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