4 Ways to Update Your Outdated Bathroom Design

Bathroom interiors

Your bathroom design might have been just what you wanted ten years ago, but your taste can change over time as fixtures become worn and outdated. If this happens, you should understand the steps you can take to update your design. Keep reading for a look at four ways to update your tired and outdated bathroom design.

New Flooring

The flooring in your bathroom isn’t just important for your aesthetic design; it also impacts the safety and practicality of your space. Consider choosing nonslip flooring for your bathroom, and stay away from flooring that will not stand up in the presence of moisture. Your new flooring can revitalize your bathroom design and leave you with a more comfortable and sanitary space.

Redone Cabinets

Each element of your home design plays its role, and your cabinets can make or break the aesthetic appeal of a space. Old cabinets may suffer from broken or loose hardware, and their faded appearances may not work well with the style you are trying to cultivate. If investing in brand new cabinets isn’t something you are interested in, consider refacing or resurfacing your existing cabinetry for a fresh new look.  

Walk-In Shower

If you want to make your bathroom more convenient, consider having a walk-in shower installed. This can be particularly effective if you live with someone who is elderly or has mobility issues. Today’s walk-in showers can still bring a great deal to the design of your bathroom while eliminating the frequently unused bathtub from the space.

Updated Lighting Arrangements

Even a simple adjustment in your lighting design can have a marked effect on the look and feel of your space. If your bathroom doesn’t get much natural light, use mirrors to reflect your artificial lighting and add depth to the room.
If you are interested in updating your outdated bathroom design, call the professionals at McCaleb Construction at (520) 323-2100. Our Cabinet Magic service can help you enjoy a bathroom design that you can be proud of. You can learn much more about our cabinet resurfacing and cabinet fixing services by visiting our website.

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