Church Bells

Image curtesy of list25.com/

Image courtesy of list25.com/

Excavating your property can be exciting, especially if you are doing so in preparation for a home addition. However, sometimes you might be in for more excitement than you expected, as was the case for a Czech man in 2013. Although he set out to take care of his plumbing systems with some modern upgrades, he ended up with a surprising discovery and an interesting story. Keep reading if you would like to learn about the man who found church bells in his backyard along with a glimpse of history showcasing where these bells came from.

A Surprising Pipe Installation

When a man from the Czech Republic dug up his backyard in 2013, his purpose was to install new pipes. During the excavation process, however, he discovered metal objects buried under his lawn. These metal objects turned out to be large church bells that were estimated to be hundreds of years old. These two bells may have been crafted as long as 400 years before the time of their discovery.

An Ancient Crime

As interesting as a discovery as two large, 400 year old church bells is, the story gets even more interesting from there; the church bells were the subjects of a robbery that had occurred 11 years earlier. A thief had stolen them from a local church and buried them in the Czech man’s backyard. You would expect that this was an attempt to hide the stolen bells, but since he or she never returned to take them, they might have been hidden just a little too well.


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