650-Year-Old Treasure

Image Credit: The National Museum in Wroclaw

Beautiful landscaping is an asset that contributes both visual appeal and value to your property. However, one Austrian man found more value than he’d bargained for during a project to expand a garden pond on his property in 2007, when he happened upon a real-life example of buried treasure.

The Discovery

Although the identity of the man who made this amazing discovery remains anonymous, reports state that he was digging to expand a garden pond in his backyard near Wiener Neustadt when he discovered a veritable treasure trove of more than 200 antiquities. However, following the discovery in 2007, the man boxed up the treasures and simply stored them in his basement. His amazing find came to light in 2010, after the boxes and their contents were rediscovered when the man put his house up for sale.

The Treasure

Following an investigation into the objects discovered in the man’s backyard, the haul has been called one of the most “qualitatively significant medieval treasure finds” in recent history. The collection contains more than 200 objects that include belt buckles, brooches, rings, and other pieces, many of which are encrusted with pearls, fossilized coral, and other rare or ornamental jewels. Scientific dating places the objects at approximately 650 years of age, and researchers guess that many of these treasures were made for a royal court. The value of the treasure trove is estimated to be as high as $150,000.

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