Knowing the Features of a Worn Out Kitchen Design

Cabinets After Refacing

Though you may be used to your kitchen design, it does not mean that it is currently in style. There are a few design features that signal an outdated and worn out kitchen design, such as cabinets in need of resurfacing. Here are a few more outdated features to look for in your kitchen design:

Exposed Cabinetry Hardware

One of the most worn out kitchen designs comes from exposed hardware on the kitchen cabinets. Modern homeowners prefer a more seamless and sleek kitchen design, especially in their cabinets. The same goes for warped or damaged cabinets. If your cabinets are showcasing either of these features, then it is time for a cabinet resurfacing right away.

Low Backsplashes

No matter what your backsplash material is, the closer it is to the cabinets, the better. Gone are the days of a low 4-inch backsplash. Homeowners prefer tall tiles or ceramic, granite, or glass gracing the walls of their kitchen. Typically, these tiles go all the way up to the cabinets, which can help when cleaning the kitchen, since they are easy to wipe down.

Hanging Pot Racks

Though hanging pot racks and hooks were an interesting way to conserve space, they ended up taking away from kitchens’ overall looks. With pots, glasses, and pans hanging in the kitchen, it tended to clutter up the kitchen design and make a kitchen look too busy. It is best to remove these hooks and invest in extra cabinetry and under-counter storage.

Over-Counter and On-Counter Microwaves

Microwaves should definitely not be kept on the countertops—they take up much-needed space—and it is becoming less popular to see microwaves hanging over the stove. Nowadays, microwaves are finding their place under the kitchen countertops. Many kitchen designers and contractors are installing a special drawer in a cabinet where the microwave can fit. This allows for easy access for the entire family to use.

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