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Home Maintenance Tip: Clear Your Scuppers, Gutters and Downspouts

This is a great time to clean your gutters, downspouts, canales and scuppers of leaves and other debris. Make sure water flows freely through them and away from the house. Otherwise, a leak could cause water to build up along the foundation and possibly weaken it. Call the Handymen of McCaleb Construction for more tips on preventive care of your home.

Are Dollars Flying Out Your Windows?

With our nation’s focus on energy conservation and energy savings on the rise, it’s no surprise that upgrading windows has become one of the most popular tasks for remodeling projects. Not only do today’s modern windows offer better appearance and function than their predecessors, but their modern materials and design can provide better performance than ever before. That translates into lower bills and dollar savings for you.

So how can replacing old, worn windows put money back into your pocket? Let’s take a look at today’s energy-efficient choices for homeowners:

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