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The Importance of Knowing your Contractors Business History

Some companies don’t have any history and some companies have a short history.  Some companies have a very long, well-documented history.  Some companies have changed over the years.  Their focus has changed as well as the type of work they do.  How they service their clients has changed.  Some companies have experienced quick change every…


It seldom occurs to homeowners to ask a contractor for professional references.  This is an entirely legitimate question and concern.  A professional contractor brings many business enterprises to the table to help complete all of the work they perform in a year. Their performance on your job is dependent on the level of the other…

How Contractor’s Organization Affects Your Job

Many professional contractors are very proactive about the type of organization they are.  They have determined whether they want to be large or small.  They have chosen whether they want to be a corporation, a limited partnership or a sole proprietorship.  They have decided if they are a general contractor (performing many if not all…

Business Location: Why is it Important That Your Contractor Have A Legitimate Place of Business?

Many times, unsatisfied customers have made the statement, “I just could never track him down.”  Does your contractor live in the community?  Is it easy for you to determine this contractor’s business location or address?  Be sure to watch for those who have no verifiable address or phone number or who just have a P.O….

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