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Mistakes to Avoid During Your Home Renovation

For many people, remodeling a home can be a vexing experience, rife with potential blunders. However, it’s important to recognize that you can keep needless stress to a minimum by steering clear of the most frequent errors that most homeowners make during the renovation process. The surest way to avoid the following common home renovation…

The Next Time You’re in the Backyard, Look Carefully: You Might Find a Dinosaur Bone!

Dinosaurs ruled the earth millions of years ago, but fossilized memories of them still turn up here and there- even in backyards! There are dozens of examples of children and adults alike finding dinosaur bones in their backyards, and the law states that if you find a dinosaur bone, it’s your property. Let this article…

Bones, Bodies, and Burial Grounds: The Creepiest Things Discovered In Homes

Everyone who remodels their home hopes to find something cool while they’re doing it. What’s cool to one person may be strange to another and vice versa. If you’re a person who is intrigued by burial grounds, old tombstones, and other things which are probably haunted, this article is for you. From severed heads to…

Tommy Guns and Bootleg Liquor: Remnants of Prohibition, Found During Renovations

Finding evidence from a crime is pretty scary, but when the crime happened almost a century before, it’s pretty cool. Due to Prohibition, secrecy surrounding the consumption, trafficking, and manufacturing of alcohol was a must. Sometimes, the secret was kept so well that it survived undiscovered and intact decade after decade until an unsuspecting homeowner…

Finding Secret Rooms: It Sounds Like Something Out of a Movie, But It Really Happens!

Everyone has seen a movie where the main character pulls a book out of bookshelf or plays a couple random piano keys only to reveal a secret chamber. However, this phenomenon sometimes happens in real life as well! These are some of the most amazing examples of unsuspecting people discovering places they didn’t even know…

What’s Behind That Wall? How About a Priceless Painting?

Although homeowners who are planning on renovating their kitchens or bathrooms have probably heard stories of finding buried treasure, they probably should be on the lookout for paintings as well! There are numerous stories of people hiding priceless artwork and then forgetting it- only to have it be discovered decades or even centuries later by…

Want to Find Hidden Treasure? Renovate Your Kitchen!

You don’t have to go off on an exotic adventure to find buried treasure- all you might need to do to is renovate your kitchen! It’s incredible how many times homeowners have found incredible and valuable objects in the walls of their kitchen or under the floorboards of their house: gold coins and jewelry, priceless…

Let Us Help You Think Outside the Box

Visualizing the possibilities in a home in which you’ve lived for many years can be difficult. It can be equally daunting to see an older home on the market requiring modernization becoming the home of your dreams. But with help from the McCaleb Construction Design Team you can transform ineffective, undesirable or unappealing areas of your home into practical and loveable living spaces, while ensuring a sizeable return on your investment. Last month we spoke of ways to improve energy efficiency in your home, such as window and door replacement and the improvement of mechanical systems. There are even tax credits for many of these improvements (see the December 2009 issue of “On The Level”).

Compare! Check List

Take a look at McCaleb’s COMPARE! CHECK LISTto see how another remodeler might stack up to the professional staff and service of McCaleb Construction, Inc.

How to Select a Remodeler


No matter your home’s age, sooner or later you will join the millions of people who remodel their homes each year. The reasons for remodeling are as varied as the projects themselves. Remodeling adds comfort, convenience and space to what is for most homeowners their most valued asset. Home improvement can be both exciting and intimidating. Whether you’re just thinking about remodeling or ready to start, we’ll provide you all the tools you need to make a smart decision.

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